Friday, June 4, 2010

The fastest 5 months of my life!

Hello everyone! Can you believe that it has been 5 months since we welcomed our little Emmalyn Kate into this world? I am so sorry that I have been a bad blogger. New mommyhood has kept me extremely busy and has not left me much time to update. Fortunately summer is finally here, and while I will continue to busy with my sweet girl, maybe I can update more regularly. Here are some quick updates in the life of the Babinicz family.

Emmalyn turned 5 months old yesterday. Wow! She has been part of our family for 5 whole months!! I cannot believe how quickly she is growing and changing. She is adorably chubby these days and at her last Dr. appointment 4 weeks ago, she weighed in at 15 lbs and 2 oz. She has almost tripled her weight since her birth. We love to squeeze and kiss her plump little cheeks!

She loves to talk and coo all the time now. She has recently started to "sing" to us too. In fact not only does she "sing" to us, but also to the ceiling fan, her toys, the tv, the wall, etc.... Her singing consists of her opening her mouth and making the sweetest little drawn out cooing sound over and over again. Last night she woke up at 12:00 am and spent about 15 minutes seranading her elephant mobile.

We recently started giving her rice cereal once each day. We all knew that this girl loves to eat, but lets just say that the cereal was a hit! As soon as she sees me mixing it up she will start rocking and swinging her legs in anticipation. If I don't get the spoon back to her mouth quickly enough she gets annoyed and starts whining for more.

Here are some other things she can do now....

* roll over both ways (although she still prefers to just lie on her back)

* grasp objects, and put them in her mouth of course.

*hold her own bottle

* laugh out loud and squeal

*rock her body back and forth when on her tummy

*scoot out of her bouncy seat

We are still so overwhelmed with love for our baby. We thank God everyday for choosing us to be parents to this precious girl. I never new how happy life could be thanks to my sweet angel. I am looking forward to watching her continue to grow, but cherishing the memories that we have made so far. I will leave you with a picture of sleeping beauty herself.

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